1947 November 29

United Nations (UN) partitions Palestine.

1948 May 14

Yisra’el proclaims itself a state.

1949 May 11

Yisra’el admitted to United Nations (UN).

1967 June 8

Yisra’el fighter planes and torpedo boats attack USS Liberty near Sinai Peninsula, Mediterranean Sea, killing 34, wounding 173 U. S. soldiers.  USS Liberty is flying U. S. flag.


The odor Meron, as Yisra’el foreign ministry legal advisor, writes in a memo that occupation of Palestine land is illegal and settlements violate international law.

1988 November 15

Palestine proclaims itself a state, recognizes Yisra’el, renounces terrorism and calls for negotiations.

1999 April

United Nations Human Rights Commission (UNHRC) at Genève, Swiss condemns Yisra’el actions in occupied territories and of contempt for principles of Middle East peace process.

2002 April 1

Yisra’el military forces expel Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) television news crew from Ramallah, West Bank, Palestine.

2002 April 5

Yisra’el occupation soldiers throw stun grenades and fire rubber bullets at journalists at Ramallah, West Bank, Palestine.

2002 April 5

United Nations Security Council (UNSC) demands that Yisra’el military forces withdraw from occupied Palestine territories.

2002 April 15

United Nations Human Rights Commission (UNHRC) at Genève, Swiss condemns Yisra’el for “mass killings” of Palestinians during incursions into West Bank.

2002 September 24

United Nations Security Council (UNSC) demands that Yisra’el stop its siege of Arafat’s headquarters.

2003 September 24

Twenty-seven Yisra’el Air Force Reserve pilots refuse missions against Palestine, calling the attacks illegal and immoral.

2003 December 21

Fifteen Yisra’el Army commandos of Sayeret Matkal unit refuse missions against Palestine stating:  “We will no longer give our lives to the rule of oppression in the territories and to the denial of human rights to millions of Palestinians, and we will no longer serve as a defensive shield for the settlements.  We will no longer corrupt the stamp of humanity in us through carrying out the missions of an occupation army.  In the past, we fought for a justified cause.  Today, we have reached the boundary of oppressing another people.  We will no longer cross this boundary.”

2004 January 4

Retired Yisra’el Army Lieutenant Colonel Eitan Ronel sends his officer's insignia back to chief of staff Moshe Yaalon in protest at the behavior of troops in the occupied territories, and explains to him in a letter:  “The army no longer respects the brave ethics as they had in the past.  Children regularly fall victim to our bullets in the occupied Palestinian territories.  This is both illegal and immoral.  The blunders and the humiliations are becoming more and more serious and numerous as neither the orders nor the punishments are clearly formulated.”

2004 March 26

United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolution condemning Yisra’el for killing Hamas founder Sheikh Ahmed Yassin is vetoed by United States.

2004 May 4

Sixty former United States diplomats sign letter to President George Walker Bush contending that his “unabashed support” for Yisra’el Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is costing the United States “credibility, prestige and friends”.  “By closing the door to negotiations with Palestinians and the possibility of a Palestinian state, you have proved that the United States is not an even-handed peace partner.”  The former diplomats termed Sharon’s proposal “a unilateral plan to toss away the rights of three million Palestinians, to deny the right of refugees to return to their homeland and to retain five large illegal settlement blocs in the occupied West Bank”.

2004 May 19

United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolution condemning Yisra’el for its military foray into Gaza, calling for halt to the demolition of Palestine homes and condemning the killing of Palestine civilians near refugee camps is abstained by United States.

2004 June 6

Thousands of Yisra’el citizens march at Jerusalem in protest for Gaza withdrawal, gathering outside the residence of Yisra’el Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in a mass demonstration calling for an immediate Yisra’el withdrawal from Gaza.  Carrying banners reading “Get out of Gaza, start talking”, the demonstrators marched from Zion Square in the city center to Sharon's residence in the upscale Rehavia neighborhood.  The rally comes just 24 hours ahead of a crucial cabinet vote on the controversial pullout.  “The demonstration is to demand that the question of Gaza is not only for the members of the right-wing Likud to decide upon, but an issue that touches all the general public – of which the majority support a withdrawal,” anti-settlement group Peace Now said in a statement issued several days before the rally.

2004 July 9

International Court of Justice at Den Haag, Nederland rules that the Yisra’el West Bank separation barrier is illegal.

2004 July 22

United Nations (UN) resolution demanding Yisra’el tear down its West Bank barrier is voted against by United States.

2005 April 14

United Nations Human Rights Commission (UNHRC) at Genève, Swiss condemns Yisra’el for its use of force against Palestine civilians.  29 countries vote for text condemning “systematic violations” of the Genève Convention in the West Bank and Gaza.  Britain, Canada, Deutschland, Italia, United States and 5 other countries vote against.  14 countries abstain.  39 countries vote for resolution calling on Yisra’el to halt at once its policy of building settlements, as a first step towards dismantling colonies.  Australia and United States vote against.  12 countries abstain.

2005 September 12

Yisra’el military forces complete withdrawal from Gaza, Palestine after 38 years of occupation that had been financed with $58 billion in U. S. foreign aid specifically designated for military purposes.

2006 June 22

Despite a global outcry over the killing of Palestine civilians in botched raids, Yisra’el Prime Minister Ehud Olmert states that Yisra’el will continue air attacks in Gaza.

2006 July 6

United Nations Human Rights Commission (UNHRC) at Genève, Swiss condemns Yisra’el military action in Gaza, demands a halt to Yisra’el military offensive and calls for the release of Palestine officials and civilians.  29 countries vote for.  11 countries vote against.  5 countries abstain.

2006 July 22

Hundreds of Yisra’el citizens gather at Tel Aviv to protest the Yisra’el deadly campaign in Lubnān and call for the immediate release of Lubnān and Palestine prisoners held by Yisra’el.  An estimated 1,000 Yisra’el Jews and Arabs demonstrate in Rabin Square in the center of Tel Aviv brandishing placards reading, “war is disaster”, “peace – yes, war – no” and “Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies”.  Protesters shout, “prisoner release is better than digging graves” and that “the capturing [of Yisra’el soldiers] is just an excuse for Yisra’el to launch an attack against Hezbollah”.  Former MP Shulamit Aloni said during the rally, “the government has allowed the deadly forces of the army to drag it to killing, we cannot have our defense army become an army of occupation and killing.”

2006 July 22

Thousands of protestors, bashing drums and waving banners, march through London, England demanding an end to the Yisra’el offensive in Lubnān and Gaza.  The demonstrators, in one of several rallies across Britain, urge Britain Prime Minister Tony Blair to stop what they describe as his support of the conflict and join international calls for an immediate ceasefire.  “Peace for Lubnān” rang the chant as the march weaved its way through central London, past the U. S. embassy and on to Hyde Park.  The peaceful protestors shouted, “stop the killing, stop the bombs, Yisra’el out of Lubnān”.

2006 July 25

Yisra’el air strike targets United Nations Truce Supervision Organization (UNTSO) observer post at Khiam, Lubnān, killing 4 observers from Canada, China, Österreich and Suomi.

2007 May 3

Winograd Commission criticizes Yisra’el government for mishandling the 2006 Lubnān war, prompting protests in Tel Aviv and calls for Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Defense Minister Amir Peretz to resign.

2010 January 2

Hundreds of Yisra’el pacifists, both Arabs and Jews, marched in central Tel Aviv to protest against the blockade imposed by Yisra’el on the Gaza Strip.  The demonstrators – estimated at more than 1,000 by organisers of the march – chanted slogans urging “liberty and justice for Gaza” as they marked the first anniversary of Yisra’el war against Gaza.  They called for the lifting of the blockade on the Hamas-ruled coastal enclave and accused Yisra’el of carrying out “war crimes” in the territory.  Hundreds of people, including international activists, held a similar protest on both sides of the Erez crossing between Yisra’el and the Gaza Strip.  Among the protesters were a small group of bearded anti-Zionist religious Jews clad in traditional ultra-Orthodox clothing and holding signs that read: “Judaism yes, Zionism no.  State of Yisra’el must go.”


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