If only we did not have to be categorized by others as to our political and religious beliefs.  One of the great strengths of this country is its ethnic diversity.  These different ideas, talents and the varying dreams for the future are our power.

United States citizens are tired of liberalism and conservatism.  Yet, most people do not want to be considered moderates or without politics.  Instead, common sense attitudes towards issues.  Do we need a constitutional amendment for the protection of common sense?  Regardless of political affiliations and religious beliefs, the people of the world do have common goals.

Communism and most democracies or republics evolved from tyrannies.  They took different paths.  The U. S. S. R. did not have the Magna Carta and a two tier parliamentary system.  The beginning of the end for their system came when they let “rock and roll” bands into their domain.  They lost a generation of their youth.

The most important issues before the United States today are the economy, the environment and illegal drugs.  All are intertwined, and we must solve them as group.

Most United States businesses, at present, import over 50% of their parts.  Import tariffs must be increased three to fifteen times; and where import duties are nonexistent, a substantial duty must be imposed.  All of this, so that cheap foreign labor cannot compete on that basis.  Limits on the number of imports must not be placed into effect.  The best way for the United States to convert any nation to a free market economy is to trade with them.  Get them addicted to the “Yankee dollar”.

A $10.00 per barrel import tariff must be placed on oil.  This will increase the development of domestic oil.  Oil prices are presently so low that domestic production is down, making us vulnerable to foreigners.

Alternative sources of energy that are safe for the environment must be developed.  These potential sources of energy cannot compete with the cheap gasoline and diesel fuel prices now in existence.

An investment tax credit is essential.  A healthy economy demands low interest rates.  High interest rates cause inflation.  Inflation is the tax that makes slaves of the middle class.  The prime rate should never be lower than 3% nor higher than 5%.

We must convert to the metric system.  Is the rest of the world wrong?  Manufactured products that are not metric cannot be exported, and there is no need for a double standard.

All of our military equipment, weaponry and components must be made in the United States.  Absolutely no imports.  Only the United States government must be able to purchase this military equipment.  Absolutely no sales to foreigners, including our allies.  History has shown that too many times we have sent our own men to face our own weapons.

The Selective Service System must be eliminated.  It is a waste of tax money.  In this age of technology, we require career military.  The Selective Service System has always meant, “Your son goes, mine stays home.”  The Selective Service System means exemptions for religious beliefs, although most wars are fought over religion, even when they believe in the same god.  The Selective Service System means exemptions for college.  The poor go to fight wars that others profit from.  Even with a voluntary system, it is mostly the poor who go to war; but at least it is voluntary and they get more compensation.

The profit must be taken out of war.  Profit must be put into environmental protection.  We must both save and improve the environment.  That careful balance between ecology and the preservation of jobs must be maintained.  Many times we will be forced to sacrifice jobs.  Therefore, other jobs must be created in the private sector.

A Self‑determination Party President will ban the export of logs and lumber from our borders, even though they may have been imported to this country.  Demand will be cut and so will supply, instead of so many trees.

The production of chemical fertilizers, herbicides and certain pesticides must be outlawed.  Unless we do this soon, the four horsemen will visit North America.  Chemical fertilizers do not put minerals into the soil.  Consequently, the crops grown have very few minerals.  Plants alone have the unique ability to convert inorganic minerals absorbed from the soil and water into organic forms that the body can use.  Because humans are at the top of the food chain, we are suffering the most.  Chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides contaminate the air and water.  Top soil is not held in place, and it blows away.

Farmers must be trained in the art of organic farming; i.e., composting and glacial rock dust. More research must be done into beneficial parasites and predators.  If farmers were paid subsidies only when they showed that their fallow land had increased in minerals and humus, the improvement in health in the United States would be tremendous.  Subsidies to tobacco farmers must be discontinued.

All food additives that are either for artificial coloring, to enhance the coloring or flavoring and otherwise do not act as a preservative must be outlawed.  Food preservatives must prove their safety before being used.  Many countries do not permit the importation of beef from the United States because of diethylstilbestrol contamination.

Air, water and soil pollution must be cleaned up.  Tax incentives for those who clean up.  Penalties for those who do not.  Our industry and agriculture must be protected with import tariffs.  Our industry and agriculture must not have a disadvantage in our own marketplace because of foreign goods that do not include the cost of cleaning up and maintaining the environment.

Nothing has destroyed this country more than illegal drugs.  This problem has grown to such great proportion that we, as citizens, may have to give up some of our rights by way of a temporary modification in the constitution.  We propose a task force, made up of police officers that are experienced in dealing with illegal drugs, to train voluntary military personnel at a military base.  Then, when enough people are trained, hit cities around the country with large groups of these personnel.  They then go down streets and search every person and vehicle that they think might have drugs.  A judge goes with the task force; and, when there is enough evidence, issues search warrants for vehicles, homes and buildings.  It is time to get judges out of the court rooms and into the battlefield.  The confiscation of illegal drugs not only removes them from the market, it hurts someone in the pocket book.  However, the seizure of private property from citizens who have not been convicted of violating any laws cannot be tolerated.

Our military will be used for search and seizure missions here in the United States to destroy methamphetamine processing plants.  Sanctions will be used against parasite foreign countries that are harboring the traffickers of illegal drugs into the United States.

Our criminal justice system must allow for non‑violent drug abusers to receive drug treatment and alternatives to incarceration.  Drug treatment is more cost effective than domestic law enforcement, interdiction or drug suppression efforts.

Traffickers and manufacturers of illegal drugs cannot be considered non‑violent.  They destroy people, some of whom are children.  All of these drugs have their effects on the immune system, chromosomes, genes and those not yet born or even conceived.  The Self‑determination Party supports the death penalty for certain crimes, and realizes that it may someday be a punishment and deterrent for those who traffic or manufacture illegal drugs.

Education is so important in drug abuse.  Third graders should go on excursions to hospitals in order to see babies born of crack, heroin, alcohol, nicotine and other substance abuse.

Our military will be used to keep illegal drugs from entering our borders.  Every person, vehicle, ship and airplane entering will be searched.  It does not matter how long the line is at a port of entry.  Special ports for food entry.  All food will be chemically tested before being allowed into the United States.  When science develops methods for mass sterilization of food such as cobalt irradiation, it will be used at the borders as well as for food produced in the United States.  South and Central America are having epidemics of botulism.  Mexico has had the amoeba for centuries.  Our port of exits will be guarded in the same manner.  Stolen merchandise and other contraband will be halted from crossing the border.

We must have a national health plan (socialized insurance, not socialized medicine).  Private insurance companies go bankrupt after paying the officers high salaries.  If these same officers have not already formed a new insurance company, they will.  The United States Supreme Court has ruled that judgments for punitive damages cannot be obtained against group health insurance companies.  Consequently, group health insurance companies refuse to pay many claims because there is no penalty for not paying.

Women must have prenatal care.  It is not only humanitarian, it is, monetarily speaking, the cheapest thing to do in the long‑term.  We have a government health plan called Medicare.  All we have to do is extend it to cover all of our citizens, including the ones who are not yet old enough to vote.  The evolution of a democratic society demands a national health plan.  Healthcare cannot be considered as an economic commodity.

Our utmost must be done to find a cure and vaccination for AIDS.  Not just for all of the innocent people, but because no one could have committed a sin so terrible as to deserve this disease.

A Self‑determination Party President will ban the export of human blood, its derivatives and by‑products from our borders, even though they may have been imported to this country.

Abortion is repulsive to all of us.  However, we recognize that it is equally repulsive to some of the women who seek an abortion.  The Self‑determination Party believes that abortion rights should not be an issue of the federal government.  However, should congress pass a national abortion law, we will support a woman’s right to have an abortion within two lunar months from the time of conception.  In cases where scientific testing indicates that the fetus will produce a deformed or retarded child, a longer period is acceptable; and the decision of abortion should be between a woman and her doctor.  We believe in contraception.

Social Security taxes should include everyone, with no limit to earnings.  Interest, dividends, capital gains, Social Security benefits and other qualified retirement account benefits should be the only exemptions from Social Security taxes.  Social Security taxes could then be lowered to a reasonable percentage.

The personal income tax must be rewritten to be simplified, more equitable and with lower rates.  We must start with a reasonable base amount of earnings where a graduated income tax begins.  No tax differential for marriage.  No exemptions.  No itemized deductions.  Why should a tenant, who cannot buy a home, pay more income tax than a home owner?  Our current personal income tax gives an incentive for people to borrow, instead of to save.

A simplified income tax will reduce the filing burden and preparation costs on taxpayers, and reduce the role of the Internal Revenue Service.  The Self‑determination Party is in favor of an indexed capital gains tax when the investments create jobs and/or technology.

Legislation must be enacted to prevent Political Action Committees, trade organizations, unions, businesses, churches and lobbyists must be prevented from contributing financially to election campaigns, giving gifts, extending favors to, or the entertainment of any government employee.  Pensions for congress and their staff must be eliminated.  Legislation must be enacted to prohibit elected or appointed officials from serving as lobbyists after they leave office.

The Self‑determination Party supports a congressional rule not to combine legislative bills.  A Self‑determination Party President will veto all legislative bills that are combined.  This will make the pork barrel bills stand on their own.

Foreign aid should not be in money; but in food, medical supplies and certain technologies depending upon the nation.  When we give money, it goes for weaponry and good food and vintage for the elite.

The United States spends the most money per student for education of any country in the world.  We have the best system.  The only thing needed is that most powerful motivating force called desire.

Homosexual citizens enjoy the same rights as other citizens of the United States, no less and no more.  If you want more, vote for another party.  They will give you a BJ to get your vote.  We are not going to teach impressionable, young children that homosexuality is an acceptable way of life.

The United States Supreme Court has ruled that burning of the United States flag and, in another case, the burning of a Ku Klux Klan cross on a persons lawn is freedom of expression, and therefore protected by the first amendment to the constitution.  The Self‑determination Party advocates a constitutional amendment that will make these said acts and any act that incites violence unlawful.  We do believe that the prerogatives given by the first amendment to the constitution include the freedom not to speak.

The Self‑determination Party advocates constitutional amendments to impose a lifetime limit of no more than two terms in the United States Senate and three terms in the United States House of Representatives; to eliminate the electoral college, providing instead for the direct election of the President by the voters; to make boycott legal, whether primary or secondary; and to mandate balanced government budgets.

The federal budget must be balanced immediately.  We must reduce all government debt.  The federal government debt is in excess of $6 trillion.  That universal economic law of supply and demand comes into effect.  The federal debt, state debts and local debts keep demand for borrowed money high and interest rates high.  High interest rates cause inflation.  Inflation is the tax that makes slaves of the middle class.  The sole purpose of many government programs is to provide jobs for government employees who are not qualified for the private enterprise sector.

We believe in the separation of church and state, and that some people’s religious beliefs are no more righteous than other people’s.  No one should be intimidated by other people’s religious beliefs, be forced to listen to, participate in or financially support; and this includes prayer in public schools and a voucher system for private schools.

We believe that other countries should have self‑determination as to their type of government.  However, a Self‑determination Party President will not have personal dialogue with monarchs or other heads of state that are not either elected directly by the people or by the people’s elected representatives.  A Self‑determination Party President will not visit these said states, and will not send military personnel to defend them unless it is in the best interest of the United States.

The Self‑determination Party has family values.  We want to leave a clean environment to our grandchildren.  We want to leave them opportunity in a country free from crime, illegal drugs and a political system that has an indifference to it all.  A political system that every four years forces the taxpayers to give the two major political parties $12 million each to hold a convention, and then $60 million each to promote their presidential candidate.  A political system that allows for legalized bribery by Political Action Committees, trade organizations, unions, businesses, churches and lobbyists.


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