for Mayor, City of Spokane

There are those who say that when I am mayor, there will be a radical change in government.  They are correct.  I do not consider myself a radical, just an average citizen that has had enough of prevailing Spokane politics.

The major cause of inflation is government debt.

I am against public-private partnerships and tax increment financing; they simply plunder the public purse.  How many times do we burn the fingers of the taxpayers before we stop holding their hands to the fire?

I am for privatizing city owned public golf courses; either sale or lease.  Currently, they do not pay property taxes.  If children in this state should have to pay tax on their candy, golfers at public financed golf courses should pay their share of taxes.  This is unfair competition for private golf courses that pay taxes.  I realize that candy is dandy, but golfing will not rot your teeth.

If the city council will privatize city owned public golf courses and reduce their own salaries, including that of city council president, by 50%, I will reduce my own salary as mayor to $48,000.00 annually.

By over spending and over taxation, government has put this country into a depression and created an underground economy.  At the present time, federal, state and local governments in the United States borrow 80% of the world’s savings.

Elected government representatives that pass unnecessary government debt on to their children and grandchildren are child molesters.

I believe in self-determination and separation of church and state.

For many years, Spokane City has had a voluntary, unified charity organization to receive and disperse funds to local charities that participate in the fundraising.  Citizens can even specify to which individual charity they wish their contribution to frequent.  Citizens vote with their money.  It is their freedom of speech.  When government gives taxpayer money to charities, government is depriving citizens of this first amendment right.

I am against fluoridation of water.  It is my goal to steer the city toward a sanitary landfill and eliminate the incinerator.

We do not have an ample water supply.  When the water table gets low, we have earthquakes.  The epicenter is at Washingon St and Buckeye Av.  I live ten blocks from the epicenter.  When earthquakes hit, they are not an appearance of minor earthquakes.  They hit hard.  I am for grassy swales and allowing property owners that construct them a 100% deduction of the cost from their water taxes.

In Spokane, we have a Nazi‑Fascist police force that breaks down doors in the wee hours of the morning without a court order for that address in violation of the United States Constitution and a United States Supreme Court decision.  When I am mayor, things will change or there will be some firings.

The United States Constitution Article 4 states:

“The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

I will not appear at any so‑called debates because they are simply not debates, but ignorant questions from ignorant people, most of whom are the stooges of candidates.  If we had a League of Men Voters, they would call us “male chauvinist pigs”.

I do not accept campaign contributions.

Because my spectrum of philosophy is so extensive, I will not be giving interviews; and, therefore, have a website.  Please visit it at WWW.CitizenGadfly.Com

I have no respect for the status quo.  No one calls me a good ol’ boy.

There are those who say that I do not look like a mayor and do not instill confidence by the way I dress.  When was the last time you saw a doctor wearing a suit and tie in surgery?



97-01-27     C-31823   An ordinance relating to off-street parking facilities, providing for the development and acceptance of full legal and unencumbered title to the River “Pork” Square Parking Garage located adjacent to Civic Center facilities, creating the Parking Meter Revenue Fund, contingently pledging money in said fund to make certain payments to the City’s Public Development Authority and providing for other matters properly relating thereto.

For:   Orville L. Barnes, Jeff Colliton, John “Jack” V. Geraghty Jr, Roberta Greene,

Phyllis J. Holmes.

The City of Spokane paid $26 million for this garage that did not include the land.  The garage is worth maybe $7 million, provided the land was included.  The taxpayers were defrauded by the Cowles Gang!

01-08-08     Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issues a preliminary determination that the $31.5 million in revenue bonds used to finance the River “Pork” Square Parking Garage do not qualify for tax-exempt status.

97-06-30     C-31403   An ordinance vacating Post St from Spokane Falls Bl to Main Av.

97-06-30     C-31404   An ordinance vacating the alley between Spokane Falls Bl and Main Av from Post St to Wall St.  For the construction of a new Nordstrom building in conjunction with the redevelopment of River “Pork” Square.

For:   Orville L Barnes, Jeff Colliton, John “Jack” V Geraghty Jr, Roberta Greene,

Phyllis J Holmes, Cheryl L Rodgers.

98-07-27     Loan documents including a Contract for Loan Guarantee Assistance, Note, Fiscal Agency Agreement and Master Fiscal Agency Agreement between the City of Spokane and Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for the purpose of obtaining and guarantying a § 108 Loan.  This loan is for $22.65 million plus a $1 million grant for the construction of a new Nordstrom building in conjunction with the redevelopment of River “Pork” Square.  Spokane City will be the guarantor of this loan for private business.  These parasites plunder the public purse and molest our grand children with public debt.

For:   Orville L Barnes, Jeff Colliton, Robert M Higgins, Phyllis J Holmes.

Against:   Cheryl L Rodgers, John J Talbott.

ABSENT:   Roberta Greene.

The Spokane City Council believes in the golden rule.  Whoever has the gold makes the rules.  When you have minority rule, you have Nazi-Fascist government.  For forty years that is what we have had in Spokane City.  Nazi-Fascist government carries with it the dictum that we ordinary citizens are not intelligent enough – plain dumb may be a better word – to see the real truth in any proposition.  Typical of an intransigent, profligate, Nazi-Fascist government, citizens are not allowed to vote, an unconscionable violation of civil rights.

The emergency ordinance

is the new implement of oppression

by Nazi-Fascist government.

Even after gathering signatures to place the issue on the ballot, citizens were not allowed to vote on the redevelopment of River “Pork” Square.  They were denied their constitutional right to referendum because it was passed as an emergency ordinance by the Spokane City Council.  This ordinance was not an emergency because it was not necessary for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health or safety within the meaning of Article XI, § 1 (b) of the Washington State Constitution.

Spokane County Superior Court Judge Kathleen M O’Connor ruled against the right of citizens to vote.

Washington State Supreme Court Justices Gerry L Alexander, James M Dolliver, Richard P Guy, Charles W Johnson, Barbara A Madsen, Richard B Sanders, Charles Z Smith and Philip A Talmadge ruled against the right of citizens to vote.

The wrongs of the Spokane City Council

and the Washington State Supreme Court have been

so calculated, so malignant and so devastating

that civilization cannot tolerate their being ignored;

because it cannot survive their being repeated.

01-09-24     Resolution 01-86 calling for and supporting court convened mediation in the River “Pork” Square litigation.

For:   Steve Corker, Robert M Higgins, Phyllis J Holmes, Dean Lynch.

Against:   Stephen K Eugster, Cheryl L Rodgers.

ABSENT:   Roberta Greene.


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In 2007, the Spokane City West Central Community Center refused to run my mayoral candidate advertisement in their monthly publication that is subsidized by the City of Spokane.

The United States Supreme Court has ruled that when a publication refuses to run an advertisement, it is depriving that person of freedom of the press.  Political dialogue is the core of freedom of speech.

World War II got us out of the great depression.  We have been on a war time economy ever since.  Any country can only stay on a war time economy so long and it is back in a depression.  This is not a recession.  This is a depression.

The hardest hit industry is the construction industry.  The solution is to lower the sales tax on construction materials to zero percent for one calendar year.  The next year, raise to 1%.  Every year thereafter, raise an additional 1% until it is back to this ridiculous 8+%.

Construction workers spend and that puts other people back to work.  Federal construction projects help, but we must inspire private investment.  Also, the federal government does not pay state sales tax on construction materials.



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